Intergration with variable limits

If anyone knows a package which is able to integrate TFormula style multidimensional functions using variable limits (i.e. non-constant, variable dependent limit for one or more axes) I would be most appreciative.

Specifically, I have a TF3 function with x, y, z dimensions, where the y integration limit is dependent on x and z. I hope this makes sense.

hi Clement,

In principle RooFit can do this. If you have an existing TF3, you can import is as RooFit function
using bindFunction [ tutorial rf105 ] or you can make a RooFormulaVar with a similar expression
if you like.

A completely coded example of an integral over a multidimensional roofit function with a variable range is here … ges.C.html


Wonderful. Thank you so much, look forward to getting back into RooFit.

I have managed to implement the function integratation as per your instructions, thank-you very much. I have a couple of additional questions I hoped can be answered here.

I have realised however that invoking a parameterised range causes the default RooFit ND integrator to change from RooMCIntegrator to something else - I need to increase the numerical accuracy of the integration, and so would like to know what the new method being called is. Any information on this and tips on improving the accuracy in this case would be most appreciated.

Slightly related, I am wondering if there is a way to save the integration points and their weighting into a RooDataSet. Eventually I will need to specify a boolean conditional range for the integration, and I’m not sure if this can be done without a dataset first.