Integrating TMinuit and TF1 into C++ program under VS2008

Hi there,

I am trying to integrate the TMinuit and TF1 functionality into my standalone C++ application running under Visual Studio (VS) 2008, but am not sure on how to proceed. Could anyone please let me know what headers (and other files) I need to copy into my “include” folder (and any other folders) of VS so that I can access the fitting functions from TMinuit and TF1, and what #include statements I need to include at the beginning of my C++ program?

Thanks very much indeed!


I am not sure I have understood you problem.
For using TMinuit and TF1 you need to include the files:

#include "TMinuit.h"
#include "TF1.h"

and have $ROOTSYS/include in the list of include directory.

In addition you need to link the following libraries:

lib/libHist.lib lib/libMatrix.lib  lib/libMathCore.lib 

in addition to the basic library (libCore.lib and libCint.lib).