Installing root on Ubuntu 14.04

I’m trying to install root on my ubuntu 14.04.
I downloaded the Release 5.34/34 - 2015-10-02 on the website.
Then I unpacked the downloaded files by typing the following command in the shell:

Now I have to build root. Shall I do it with cmake? Or with the ‘old’ methode?
I tried both, but it did not work.
First I installed all Buildung Prerequisites
And then I used cmake methode like described in
-If I create a folder ‘buildroot’ and go into that directory and type ‘cmake /…/abs_path_to_unpacked_root_file’ everything works.
Now I trie point 5 in, but then I get the error message ‘Error: could not load cache’.
I don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe it’s the following: Before I did point 5 i typed in ‘make’ in the shell. That was not written in the instructions on, but anyway I did this for no reason. Could this be the reason why I cannot proceed with the installation instrations that are given in


typing “make” after “cmake” is finished should build ROOT.
What do you get after having typed “make” ?

That’s waht I get after typing ‘make’ in the build folder

-- Found GCC. Major version 4, minor version 8 -- CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE: RelWithDebInfo -- Found a 64bit system -- Found GNU compiler collection -- ROOT Platform: linux -- ROOT Architecture: linuxx8664gcc -- Build Type: RelWithDebInfo -- Compiler Flags: -pipe -m64 -Wall -W -Woverloaded-virtual -fPIC -pthread -Wno-deprecated-declarations -O2 -g -DNDEBUG -- Building LZMA version 5.0.3 included in ROOT itself -- Looking for X11 -- Could NOT find GIF (missing: GIF_LIBRARY GIF_INCLUDE_DIR) -- Could NOT find TIFF (missing: TIFF_LIBRARY TIFF_INCLUDE_DIR) -- Looking for GCCXML -- Enabled support for: asimage astiff builtin_afterimage builtin_ftgl builtin_freetype builtin_glew builtin_pcre builtin_zlib builtin_lzma cintex exceptions explicitlink fortran genvector memstat reflex shadowpw shared thread tmva xft x11 -- Configuring done -- Generating done -- Build files have been written to: /home/jan/Software/buildroot Built target move_headers Scanning dependencies of target rmkdepend Built target rmkdepend

This look like the output of cmake … mot make …

what I do is:

If have the 2 following directories at the same level:
roottrunk -> git source folder
roottrunk-bin -> install dir

cd roottrunk-bin
cmake …/roottrunk

This works for me

Could you just make a copy&paste of all commands you issued?

After building ROOT, you have as well to install it. This you do via make install. Where to install to you specify via -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=yourdesiredlocation when invoking cmake.