Installing Root on macOS

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_ROOT Version: 6.24.04
_Platform: macOS 10.14.6
_Compiler: Xcode 10.0

Hi, I installed root using homebrew. I was following a youtube tutorial for the installation ( ROOT INSTALLATION MAC OSX 2021 - by odylalala), but when I got to the last step, opening root I got an error (I sent a picture of it). Could you please help me?

We have an install page here: Installing ROOT - ROOT

Thank you for your answer. I used that line to install it (before and I tried again, I also reinstalled it), the terminal tells me that root is already installed, but when I type in root (to start it) I’m getting the same error as on the image I sent.

Hi @Bellona ,
this seems to be an issue with the homebrew package rather than ROOT itself, please report it to the homebrew maintainers.

@henryiii might be able to help.

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I’d recommend being on at least macOS 10.15, 10.14 is the oldest supported macOS and macOS 12 is coming out soon, so I expect homebrew will drop 10.14 when 12 lands. They probably can only afford to build the last 3 versions + Apple Silicon, and the next version will add two builds again instead of one (due to Apple Silicon). Anyway,

Do you have Xcode? When I run this, I see the path does exist:

$ ls /Applications/
Entitlements.plist SDKSettings.json   SDKSettings.plist  System             usr

If you don’t have Xcode, you can’t use ROOT, it needs a (full) compiler.


Hi, I did install Xcode. I found a tutorial on youtube that has something that I think will help me so I will try it. Hope it works

Also, I’m new in this. So could you recommend to me some tutorials for using root on macos with xcode? I only found 2 videos on youtube by [Sina Moghimi].

Using ROOT on MacOS isn’t any different from using ROOT on any other OS. As a good starting point you might want to look at our (reworked!) manual page.

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