Installation of ROOT in macOS

Hello everyone,
I just switched from linux to Mac and things are a bit complicated. I used to download the prerequisites and binary file for sourcing the root and running it in Ubuntu. Now for Mac, I downloaded the xcode and corresponding command line tools as the pre-requisites but when I source the root/bin/ and run ‘root’, it shows " “root” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.". I can use “brew install root” for installation but I am not confident with the home-brew environment and setting up library path for configuration with other softwares. Is there any way I can do the same thing in Mac using the binary distribution without home-brew?

I am using Ventura(13.4) with Xcode(14.3.1).

Thanks for your help,

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see: Ventura Fixed “Cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified on MacBook Mac.

Thanks a lot for your help sir!