Install ROOT5 on MacOS Monterey

I tried to install ROOT5 on MacOS Monterey, but failed after multiple tries. Is it inherently impossible to do this? Is there any other way I can use ROOT5 on Mac OS X 12.1? Thanks

I am not sure we plan to provide ROOT5 on Mac OS 12.1. @axel can confirm.
Anyway why do you need ROOT5 ? is there something special you can do with with ROOT5 and not with ROOT6 ?

Thanks for your response. It is just that my work are based on ROOT5, and there have been quite some changes between ROOT5 and ROOT6 in terms of running macros. Grammatically, it is much stricter for ROOT6. In principle I can modify my macros such that they can be run under ROOT6, but just thinking it will be easier if I can still use ROOT5. I am wondering if it is possible to provide the binary build of just one version of ROOT5, e.g. root v5.34, on Mac OS 12.1 such that user cases, such as mine, can be fulfilled.

Yes, ROOT6 is real C++ and is more robust than ROOT5 in that sense. I am not sure sticking to ROOT5 is a good idea: making your macros ROOT6 compatible will improve the robustness of your code. Of course the task might be too big … I cannot judge. But that’s worth trying. Plus you will benefit from all the bug fixes and new developments in ROOT6 (ROOT5 is frozen).

If you used to compile your macros using AClic in ROOT5 and if they worked then you have nothing to do.

Thanks for your reply.

I do plan to use ROOT6 from now on, but wanted to be able to run my old macros under ROOT5 in case I need to do some checks. In any case, as you mentioned I can always modify those codes to adapt to ROOT6.

My experience is that you gain a lot converting the old macro to ROOT6.
ROOT5 was very “relaxed” on some C++ declaration/feature. And we always recommended to
use AClic to be sure all the code was interpreted correctly. Specially when the macro were big.
Now ROOT6 is strictly C++ and make macros much more robust. Taking time to convert your old macros is not lost time.

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