Install ROOT: Windows and Mac OSX

I downloaded the lasted version of ROOT binary installer (6.18.04) for both OS: Windows 10 x64 and Mac OSX 10.13.

It installed ok, no install errors.
When I try to run the main ROOT binary in both OS, I got a terminal error about missing:

#include <new>
#include <iostream>

and the terminal/console window closes.

How could I fix these terminal/console errors?

ROOT Version: 6.18.04
Platform: Windows 10 x64 and Mac OSX 10.13.6
Compiler: MSVC++ 2019 and CLang 1000.11.45.5


@bellenot might be able to help here.

On Windows, try to run in a x86 Native Tools Command Prompt for VS 2019 (you must have Visual Studio 2019 and the Windows 10 SDK installed on your computer. For Mac OSX, I have no idea… Maybe @couet could help…

Is Xcode installed properly on your machine ?

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