Install Root on Mac OS Mojave

Hello everyone,
I am new to root and have tried to install it on my Mac using the Readme file following the steps below:


Clone the repo

$ git clone

Make a directory for building

$ mkdir build
$ cd build

Run cmake and make

$ cmake ../root
$ make -j8

Setup and run ROOT

$ source bin/
$ root

when this first completed, I typed to root command at the bottom and it opened up root in terminal. however, I came back to work on this a few days later and now I cant seem to open or access root. I have tried going to the root folder in terminal and tried typing root but nothing happens. I was wondering if anybody has any advice or if I have missed something?
any help would be very much appreciated.

thank you!

You should put the command

source where_your_root_version_is_installed/bin/

In your .profile file (or equivalent depending which shell you are using) . This command defines the proper environment variables and paths needed to run root.


thank you very much for commenting, it really helped!