Install ROOT 6.24.00 on MacBook Pro mid 2014

Hello ROOTers,

Im new in MacOS and i’m trying to building ROOT from source in an old MacBook Pro mid 2014.

I’m following this procedure:


Clone the repo

$ git clone

$ cd root

$ git checkout -b v6-22-06 v6-22-06 (return in the folder previus cd root)

Make a directory for building

$ mkdir build
$ cd build

Run cmake and make

$ cmake -Dall=ON -Dfortran=ON ../root
$ make -j8

Setup and run ROOT

$ source bin/
$ mousepad ~/.bashrc 
    source ~/
    alias root='root -l'

$ root

But fails for many reason:

  1. Where i find the dipendences? I installed only xcode.
  2. There is a fastest way to install ROOT with all libraries on MacOS?
  3. cmake dont find, but i already installed it.

Someone can help me please?

Best Regards.

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_ROOT Version: 6.24.00
_Platform: MacOS Mojave
Compiler: Not Provided

I think @couet might give you some advice. In the meanwhile, you can take a look at Building ROOT from source - ROOT and Dependencies - ROOT

Thanks for the reply. The only dependence for MacOS is xcode? It is possbile?

You need Python too (at least). For the rest I don’t know, let’s see what @couet can tell

Ok, we wait @couet.

What to you get after having typed “make” ? it finishes without errors ?
Have you done:

xcode-select --install

I did it. Now works thanks !