Inspector window with different attributes than canvas?


I have a canvas filled in black color. When I Inspect one object paint in the canvas, I notice that the inspector window has the same attributes as the canvas, in particular the black fill. Since the text fonts within the inspector window are also in black, it’s not possible to read anything !!

I can put a flag to disable my black canvas (and all the attributes of the remaining objects like white labels, ticks, etc. of my histograms), but I would like to avoid that if possible ?

Thanks in advance !!


I cannot reproduce your problem.
Which ROOT version are you using ? On which machine ?
Do you have an example reproducing the problem ?


I am using ROOT 5.28/00c (tags/v5-28-00c@38884, Apr 15 2011, 17:34:24 on macosx64)

Please find attached a minimal example.

Thanks and cheers,
black.C (912 Bytes)

Now fixed in the svn trunk. Thanks for reporting.