Initial windows size


How can I set initial windows size of my application?
Preferably, I would love the size to be about 80% of the screen.
I am using TEveManager and TGLViewer in my application.

Thank you!

May be the example at the end of this header:
can help ?

A little bit. I am not using TCanvas, but I have tried similar thing with TEveBrowser (which I am using).

TEveBrowser* browser = gEve->GetBrowser(); browser->SetWidth(2000); browser->SetHeight(1200);

but the initial windows size is same as before :frowning:

Ok so the question is more for the TEve developers …

This solved my problem:

TEveBrowser* browser = gEve->GetBrowser(); browser->GetMainFrame()->MoveResize(5, 30, gClient->GetDisplayWidth()-350, gClient->GetDisplayHeight()-200);