Informations disappear from class descriptions

ROOT is a complex system with a lot of idiosyncrasies.
Having comprehensive descriptions of methods (with examples) is really crucial.
While trying to give a sensitive reply in [url]Draw fitted histogram without fit I noticed that a lot of important informations disappeared from the class description in the “trunk”.
I remembered that the information, that I needed, was once somewhere there … but it took me quite some time to find it again in the “old” version of the class description.
I strongly object!

Can you tell what disappeared ? in which class ?

I don’t have any list of “missing things”.
I accidentally discovered that many important informations disappeared from:
as compared to:
The one who removed them should also know what’s gone from another places.


A line was accidentally dropped from the source file which caused to truncate the generation of the HTML doc.
It is now fixed and an updated documentation should appear the next time it will be generated.

Thank you for finding this out