Information of Fit("gaus") code

When i running the code Fit(“gaus”), there a created information for 'Gaussian Fit" in terminal.
Result(What i want) is sigma value but created info has lot of contents. i`m confused.
So, I want to learn what is the other content mean.
Thank you.

This is the content as i said.

FCN=5705.02 FROM MIGRAD    STATUS=CONVERGED          73 CALLS           74 TOTAL
               EDM=7.4016e-10       STRATEGY = 1         ERROR MATRIX ACCURATE
EXT PARAMETER                                            STEP               FIRST
NO. NAME           VALUE            ERROR           SIZE            DERIVATION
1.    Constant      
2.    Mean
3.    Sigma


Mean is the value of the “mean” parameter of the gaussian, it tells you where the distribution is “centred”.



Thank`s your reply.
and then, What is other word? for example, FCN, EDM, CALLS etc…
if you know that, please teach me. haha

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  • FCN is the value at the minimum of the least-square or likelihood function
  • EDM is the expected distance from the minimum, used to control and stop the minimisation iterative procedure. When smaller than a given value (typically around 10^-4) the minimisation procedure stops.
  • CALLS is the number of function calls used to perform the minimisation



Thank you so much Lorenzo.

your reply is really helpful.
thank you for your reply

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