Indicate Sidebands in ModelConfig

Dear experts,

I am currently trying to perform a hypothesis test on a model with sidebands. While I have been successful in indicating the sidebands in the initial fit of the data through the Range() option in fitTo(), I have not been able to find any information on how to indicate the sidebands in the ModelConfig for my hypothesis test. Is there a way to indicate the range of the observable for the ModelConfig?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @bibsession,

I will invite @jonas and @moneta to this topic; they should be able to give you some hints on this :slight_smile:.


The ModelConfig does not allow to use a different range directly for the observables, but different pdf. You need to define in your case two separate pdf, using for example the RooSimultaneousPdf. One model will contain only the sideband data, the other model (S+B) should contain sideband + signal region



Hi Lorenzo,
Thank you for your answer. So, this means that if I use different, disjointed sidebands I will need to introduce separat index categories for each of the sidebands in my RooSimultaneous, correct?

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