Inconsistent set of integrals

Dear experts,

I would like to understand the meaning of the following message:

[#0] ERROR:InputArguments – RooAddPdf::getAnalyticalIntegral(Bd2DPiHypo_EPDF) WARNING: component PDF Bd2DK_Bd2DPiHypo_PDF advertises inconsistent set of integrals (e.g. (X,Y) but not X or Y individually. Distributed analytical integration disabled. Please fix PDF

Before debugging the code, I really just want to know the meaning of that, so at least I could have an idea of where to look.

I have this issue only when I include this PDF inside a RooAddPdf. If I use exactly the same PDF “standalone” or inside a RooExtendPdf, then no integration issue appears.

Thanks for your help.



I think the message is quite clear. There is an analytical integral available for f(x,y) dxdy but not for
f(x,y) dx or f(x,y) dy.

Probably you are doing some projection or these integrals are needed from the usage in a composite PDF.
I guess in that case numerical integration is used, however, if you can implement these missing analytical integrals is probably much better

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Hi Lorenzo,

thanks for your reply.
Indeed I was suspecting what you said, but the phrase “inconsistent set of integrals” made me doubt…

So, this is not a “real” error, per se: if I want a better performance, then I need to implement the analytical integration. Is that correct?


Yes, what you say should be correct !