Inconsistency between method output and plot


I’m not able to give an interpretation to the output I got using RooStats (ROOT 5.34/01).
I calculated un upper limit using FrequentistCalculator, and you can find the CLs plot attached (test statistics profile likelihood one sided).

If you look at the plot, you might set an upper limit close to 0.002. Indeed this value is very close to what I found using an Asymptotic Calculator and the same test statistics on that workspace.
However, if I print the upper limit value using UpperLimit() method, I get 0.0695409.
I’m a bit confused, perhaps am I wrong anywhere?

Thank you.

DebugPlot.pdf (14.1 KB)
Freq_CLs_grid_ts3_Debug.root (1.17 MB)


This is a bug, that I will fix later today. As a workaround you can try, before calling the UpperLimit() method, to re-strict the range of the poi variable “BR” to a smaller range than [-5,5], something like that shown in the plot [0.0015,0.004], by using RooRealVar::setMin/setMax

Thank you for reporting this problem

Best Regards


Hi Lorenzo,

thanks for the fix and the suggestion!