Include path for TPROOF

Hello All,

I have a script that runs using the Process function from a TProof channel. In the code that I pass to the Process function I have some #include files that so far I was addressing by calling:


Before calling:

fProof_channel->Process(dset, “Selector.C+”)

I am now trying to add another dependency (“CNNModel.C”) which includes something like:

#include <fdeep/fdeep.hpp>

If I run without TProof, I can just address the include by calling:

ROOT.gROOT.ProcessLine(".include frugally-deep/include/")

But I can’t get it to work when using Proof and I end up getting messages like:

fatal error: ‘fdeep/fdeep.hpp’ file not found

The code works anyway but I would like to fix the includes so that the error does not appear. I tried doing this:


But nothing changed. Anyone has some insight on how I can do this?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


I think @ganis can help you.
Note that PROOF is deprecated.

Can you try an absolute path? The ROOT session and PROOF workers do not share the same working directory.

G Ganis


Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately with an absolute path the issue is the same.


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