Importing Ansys 2021 Fields to Garfield++

I am trying to export field data from Ansys 2021 R2 into Garfield++ for gas gain multiplication. After building the model in Ansys, I realized the export model structure in the newer versions of Ansys has changed from when the Ansys123 expects. As such, I tried exporting the data on the nodes and reading into Garfield++ on a regular grid. However, that fails because the generated grid in Ansys is irregular. Has anyone been successful at importing the newer Ansys Electric Field output format into Garfield++? If show, then could you explain how?

Sorry for the long delay. May be you found a solution in the mean time ?
if not , @hschindl might help.

I did find a solution. Primarily, I had to rearrange tetrahedral elements from the new version of Ansys .fld files to the old .lis format. The mapping is as follows for future reference:

can you provide an example of Ansys output files (.lis files) in the new format? Maybe it’s not too complicated to adapt the ComponentAnsys123 class accordingly.
To import a map on a regular grid, you can use the class ComponentGrid.