Image Reconstruction


Can I use Root for Image Reconstruction?

Can you give a bit more details ?

There is TASImage but I am not sure that’s what you are looking for.

I assume it’s about: Uncle Google → Image Reconstruction

I simulate a Compton Camera by Geant4 and produce data in format of “.root”. It is forward problem.

Then I want to use it and reconstruct the source or phantom by inverse problem. that means image reconstruction.
Can I use Root?
My English is not very good, I hope I could explain the question.

In which form are stored your data ? a 2D histogram ?

that I know that I can use python or matlab for Image Reconstruction, but I want to know is it possible by Root?

I use Ntuple and I can plot 2D (for example X-count plot)
I do not know I answered your question correctly.

So you are producing 2D histogram from a ntuple, and you want to apply some “image reconstruction” on that histogram, right ? can you provide some image, macro, data … showing what you are doing?

for first question, the answer is yes.
ComptonHisto.root (47.2 KB)

Your file contains:

% rootls ComptonHisto.root 
2layerEdepAbs  2layerEdepScat  2layerEventRecorder  3layerEdep1  3layerEdep2  3layerEdep3  3layerEventRecorder  run_recorder

the histgrams with names starting with a number will be difficult to address as they are not C++ valid names. I assume your are using run_recorder to produce your image ? which command are you using to produce the image ?

Thank you for your patience, Because I am new in this field.
I ask my question again.
I have the below file and I want to convert it to ascii, is it possible?
Canvas.root (12.3 KB)

also your question is my problem. which command must be use to produce the image ?

this canavs contains:

root [1] tcanvas1->ls()
Canvas Name=tcanvas1 Title=tcanvas1 Option=
 TCanvas fXlowNDC=0 fYlowNDC=0 fWNDC=1 fHNDC=1 Name= tcanvas1 Title= tcanvas1 Option=
  OBJ: TList	TList	Doubly linked list : 0
   OBJ: TH1D	Det1Edep	edep1 : 1 at: 0x7faf90cca870

It would be simpler to wrok directlty with the histogram Det1Edep . Do you have this histogram somewhere ? That’s a 1D histogram. You can get/print the bin contains if you need.

Yes, I can get/print the bin contains.
I think I should thinking and ask my question in better way.

thanks for your replying

It would be simpler to wrok directlty with the histogram Det1Edep . Do you have this histogram somewhere ?
yes, it is in this ComptonHisto.root (1.5 MB) Histogram.

Ok, I see the histogram in that file. If you want to get the bins contains you can use something like: Save histogram in txt file - #13

Ok, thanks