Image processing and filters

I need to do image processing for exmple: mean filter or medium filter by small window of 3x3 matrix. I know I can do it by direct coding but i would like to know if already implemented solution exist in ROOT?
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Did you look at the tutorials in the $(ROOTSYS)/tutorials/image directory? And maybe @couet can also give you some hints

As Bertrand said, I would also recommend to look at the image tutorials.

I already looked at $(ROOTSYS)/tutorials/image directory, but I didn’t find any exemple of image processing except by FFT. I would like to do some image processing in the real Space and not in the Fourier space. It corresponds to apply filter throught 3x3 pixel windows.
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TImage (TASImage) is the class to manipulate images in ROOT. Have a look at the doc to see if you find something.

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