Image fidelity problem when saving canvas to .eps format


I have encountered an image fidelity problem when saving a canvas of TF1 plots into .eps format (for later use in LaTeX). Namely, the resulting .eps file appears to “connect” the dashed line segments of one of the functions, so that what looks like a nicely dashed line on the canvas looks like a solid line in places in the .eps file. The problem has been observed using ROOT versions 4.04/02b and 5.11/06.

The short macro at issue is attached; to generate its plots, one needs to simply type:

root [0] .L kinetics_plots.C+
root [1] plot_populations()

Tom Banks
kinetics_plots.C (3.7 KB)

Olivier will investigate your problem when he will be back from holidays.


For some reason the PostScript interpreters are not happy the line style 12 you defined.
you did: gStyle->SetLineStyleString(12,“40 30”);
try: gStyle->SetLineStyleString(12,“10 30”);