I want to add two histograms on the Canvas

ROOT Version: v6. 28.06
_Platform:_ubuntu 22.04
_Compiler: c++
I want to add two histograms to each other, how can I do this through TCanvas, that is, through the root window?
please help me solve this problem

Dear @ferangiz95 ,

The function for adding histogram contents is either TH1::Add or TH1::Merge depending on the configuration of the histograms. I am not sure how to achieve calling these functions from the TCanvas GUI, maybe @couet knows?


Thank you very much for the reply.

It just turns out that if you click on the values in the histogram, a pop-up window appears where one of the sub-items is TH1. And there you can select add, but I choose to add a histogram (I write the name of the histogram) but it does not respond to this. I don’t understand why histograms aren’t being added.

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