I lose TBox when I export to PDF

Hello, I have a strange problem with the figure I joined. When I plot it (test.root), the TBox are displayed. However, if I export this figure to PDF, the TBOX are not displayed in the PDF file. I have other pictures with TBox and whitout problem during the PDF export. I tested with an export to GIF and TBox are still there.
test.root (169 KB)

I see the problem… do you have the macro generating this plot ?

Yes, it is a quite big so I cannot attach it directly here. This is the link to download it: dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/CsGfACMh

Attached is a working version.
test.C (2.18 MB)

Indeed, it works fine now. What did you modify?
Thanks a lot.

look at the code


I encounter the same problem now (ROOT version 5.34/05).
Unfortunately, the original code posted here is not available
anymore so it is hard to guess for me, what the necssary change
was. Can anyone help?

Regards, Chris

click on the links above (test.root and test.C).