HTML documentation, don't understand

I would like to generate an automatic html documentation of my application.
All my classes and headers (.C & .h) are located in /home/edouard/projet/
I followed the doc on ROOT website and did :

THtml html; html.MakeIndex(); html.MakeClass("InputConfig");
also tried :

It only generates index.html, ClassIndex.html and ClassHierrachy.html
I edited my .rootrc file, added the appropriate source and output dirs :

Root.Html.SourceDir: /home/edouard/projet/ Root.Html.Root: Root.Html.OutputDir: /home/edouard/htmldoc
But I doesn’t change anything.
I also tried adding $ROOTSYS/include to SourceDir, but I just could generate doc for ROOT original classes… :slight_smile:
Finally, I saw a message : [quote]Product not set. You should call gHtml->SetProduct(“MyProductName”);[/quote]
Don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve been looking for help and tutos on the web… but no way.

Thanks for help,

I am not the expert of this part of ROOT, but you should make sur that the code you are making the documentation of, is loaded is memory.