How to write Delta function convoluted with the double gaussian in Roofit

Dear Expert,

I am trying to do a 2D fit of below two distributions
using a delta function convoluted with the Double gaussian.

Here’s the complete folder that I am using : (236.5 KB) but it’s not working.

Can you help me with this?


Hi @sanjeeda!

The convolution you want to do is possible in general. The problem in your code seems to me that you defined the Gaussian for x=pi0_ErrM and the resolution model and convolution for x=pi0_M_prefit.

If you want to a convolution, you got to define the inputs for the same x axis. Maybe you meant to use pi0_ErrM for everything up to the convolution? And then pi0_M_prefit only for the RooJohnson in the other dimension?

Let me know if this goes in the right direction and if you have further questions!


Dear @jonas,

Thank you very much. Now the code is working.

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