How to use TSpectrum to locate peaks

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Compiler: C++

So I am trying to use TSpectrum to locate two peaks in this spectrum and it is only finding one of the peaks. How can I get TSpectrum to see the other peak? Right now I am not making the fits right now so the other part is from older parts of the code just temporally put on hold.

//Making fits. 

        const int NbPeaks = 2;
        double  fitlow[NbPeaks], fithigh[NbPeaks];
        float centroid[NbPeaks][2], sigma[NbPeaks][2];
	TSpectrum *peakFind = new TSpectrum(NbPeaks,0.5);
   	Int_t nfound = peakFind->Search(myh,2);
   	printf("Found %d candidate peaks to fitn",nfound);

     for(int peak=0;peak<NbPeaks;peak++)
          TString gausname = Form("gaus_%s%i_peak%i",ListRaw.Data(),pie,peak);
          TF1 *gaus = new TF1(gausname,"gaus",fitlow[peak],fithigh[peak]);

          centroid[pie][peak] = gaus->GetParameter(1);
          //centroid[pie][peak] = gaus->GetParError(1);
          sigma[pie][peak] = (gaus->GetParameter(2));
          //sigma[pie][peak] = (gaus->GetParError(2));
          cout << sigma[pie][peak]<<endl;      
  TString outname = "/data/x1/Detector/SiWinter20/Data/";
  outname += Form("%s_Run%s_%s%02i.txt",Serial.Data(),Run,ListRaw.Data(),Pienum.Data());
  ofstream fout;;
for (int peak=0;peak<NbPeaks;peak++)

We cannot run your example because you did not post the data file.
May be the best is to use the following example as model: