How to use custom colours created in personal root style


I would like to create some custom colours in my own RootStyle.h like so

TStyle *exampleStyle = new TStyle("exampleStyle", "");
const auto kC0 = TColor::GetFreeColorIndex();
const auto new_col_c0 = TColor(kC0, 0.12156862745098039, 0.4666666666666667, 0.7058823529411765, "C0");

And then use this in my own scripts like so:

gROOT->ProcessLine(".L RootStyle.h");
auto histFillColour = kC0;

How would I go about doing this? (At the moment kC0 is not found in the scope, which is probably not a surprise)

Or is it easier to just move this to some utilitity class?


Welcome to the ROOT forum.

Colors definitions are not part of the styles.

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