How to underline a symbol in Root?

Dear Root Experts,

In naming histograms I am using a notation in which some of the symbols are underlined.

In LaTeX there is a simple command \underline to accomplish this goal:


but as far as I could conclude from the documentation of TLatex this command is not supported in Root.

Is there an alternative way to underline symbol in Root?


Yes you are right, you can put a bar above a character (#bar{}) but not below.
To be done.
If you want to underline a full word may be a TLine can make it ?

With Qt-plugin “on”, one can add any Qt widget on the top of the TCanvas.
For example, to add QLabel (see: ),

  1. Create a simple function, “addLabel.C”[code]#ifndef CINT

include “QtGui/QWidget”

include “QtGui/QLabel”

include “TQtUtil.h”

include “TCanvas.h”

using namespace TQtUtil;
void addLabel(TCanvas *c)
#ifndef CINT
QWidget *w = canvasWidget©;
QLabel *l = new QLabel(w); // create QLabel with TCanvas as its parent
l->setText(“Hello Qt Label!!”);
l->move(100,100); // set the label location in TPad pixel coordinates
l->resize(140,40); // set the label size ( pixels )
l->show(); // Show the label on the top of the TCanvas
w->update(); // Update TCanvas
2. Start ROOT with Qt-layer “on” and type:

root[0] gSystem->AddIncludePath("-I$QTDIR/include"); root[1] gSystem->AddIncludePath("-I$QTDIR/include/QtCore -I$QTDIR/include/QtGui"); root[2] .L addLabel.C+ root[3] .x $ROOTSYS/tutorials/hsimple.C root[4] addLabel(gPad); to get the picture attached.