How to subtract the background and show the signal only?

I have a problem on showing the signal only after subtracting background.
But roofit does not seem to support this function?

Thanks in advance.

Yes it does, but you need to be a little more specific on what you want to do: what is the model you use, and what do you expect.


I am sending the code which I use myself for the background subtraction…

P.S. Why extensions “.cc” are not allowed for the attachments??

subtract.cxx (1.52 KB)


It is a bit hard to judge from your code what exactly goes wrong.

Can you post a gif an output canvas that illustrates the problem, of (even better)
a self-contained macro that reproduces the problem?


No-no! My code works fine!!

I just have sent an example to zeusmail for the signal extraction code…