How to set the quality of GIF image

I want to create an animated gif. To do so, I use the SaveAs method from TPad. From the doc, one can read that this method uses the WriteImage method from TASImage. With that, I am able to create animated gif without any problem.
My problem is the quality of the animated gif is rather poor. I can see it if I save each image in png (the quality is petty good).
To create the animated gif from ROOT, I use the following command


and I got the picture below

We see clearly that the color of the axis on the right are not nice.

However, if I create the animated gif with the convert command

convert -delay 10 -loop 0 *.png anotherFileName.gif

I got this picture

Here the colors of the axis are nicer.

Where does this difference come from?

Yes animated gifs are not 4K movies ! I guess the only way to increase the definition will be to increase the canvas size. Also an other approach would be to create the png’s in separated files and use some external tool to combine them into a movie.

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