How to set the laser proton beam and get the electron drift time

I am planning to simulate the situation that the laser proton pulse beam passing through the gas ionization chamber,our laser proton pulse beam is emitted once a second, the proton particle number is from 10^8 to 10^10, with the pulse width about 2 to 5 nanosecond.
So how to set the laser proton beam information according to this character of the beam, and besides I
also want to get the drift time of the electrons from generated to collected.

I guess @hschindl can help.

Depending on the energy of the protons, you could use Srim/Trim (if the proton has low energy and/or slows down in the gas) or Heed (if it’s a relativistic proton that doesn’t slow down significantly in the gas).
If you use Srim, I would simulate one track, switching off all fluctuations and scale the signal to the number of primary protons. If you use Heed, I would simulate a few hundred or thousand tracks to get a reasonable average and then again scale the signal to the number of primaries.

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