How to set full rage log axis?


I have one question.
Maybe stupid question)

I want to change axis from linear to log.
But if I do this, I can’t see all events.
Events with small values.
What is the reason?

My graph: dt_spectrum.root (30.7 KB)

Linear format:
Log format:

The method “SetRange User” didn’t help me:
I can’t undestand why is this happening.

All values are positive.
Do you have any ideas?

P.S. I use root_v5.34.32 and windowws 7.

Thank you in advance.

The ROOT file you posted contains only an empty TCanvas …

Very likely the X axis starts at 0. You can change the range of the X axis to make sure it is not 0

Couet, thank you very much!
It works!

Nice :slight_smile: