How to run Geant4_VMC examples?


I have ROOT 6.11/03 and Geant 4.10.03-patch-02 installed and working.
I’ve recently installed Geant4_VMC 3.4.0 and I have troubles running the examples. Compilation works fine. I guess it’s only a problem with input parameters which are needed when running the executables.
I give some details below, but the question is : could somebody please tell me what arguments to use to run g4vmc_exampleE03 with TGeo and Geant 4 ?

From the page, it seems that running simply


should work out of the box. It is not the case.
First, it appears that the files “” and “” have to be in the same directory than the executable, so in my case I had to copy them from directory “E03” to “E03-build” (cmake should copy all necessary files, I think). Then, I got this message at the end of the execution:

    Geant4 VMC has been installed without VGM.
    Root geometry conversion is not supported.
*** TG4Exception: Aborting execution ***

In my case, I don’t want to use VGM but only TGeo.
I’ve tried several different arguments but I’ve never got a working solution. In particular, I never see any GEANT-like display (is it normal ?). Running the macros “load_g4.C” and “run_g4.C” seems to work, but again, no display.

Thanks for the help !


It looks more a question for the Geant4 forum, isn’t it ?

Well, as Geant4-VMC pages are hosted on root web pages, I thought this was the right place, but ok, I’ll post on Geant4 forum. I’ll add a link to the answer here.
Thanks !

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