How to remove the frame around the 2d histogram

I draw 2d histogram with aitoff projection and I want to remove the square frame around the projection. how should I do?

Here is an example:

root [0] TCanvas c1 = new TCanvas
root [1] c1->SetFrameLineColor(0);
root [2] TFile f("hsimple.root")
root [3] hpxpy->Draw("COLZA")

EDIT: Another option, after drawing the histogram:

Cheers, Bertrand.

Thanks, Bertrand.
This code work when I draw(“COLZA”), but It does not work for draw(‘z aitoff’).

Well, then I don’t know. And our graphic expert (@couet) is away this week…

Yes the "A’ ignored is ignored with aitoff. A workaround is to do what Bertrand suggested:

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