How to remove box when drawing a TGraph2D on top of geometry objects

ROOT Version: v6-28-04@v6-28-04
Platform: macosxarm64
Compiler: Apple clang version 14.0.3 (clang-1403.

Hi, I’m trying to draw two TGraph2Ds on a TCanvas with a cylinder and sphere overlayed onto them so that the entire display can be rotated and the points on the graph can be seen. I have all of this working except for a couple of issues:

  • The canvas initially draws with the view very zoomed out:
  • When zooming in using A/S there is a set of ‘axes’ visible that I can’t seem to get rid of:

    These axes appear to be related to the TView object that is created when drawing the sphere. If I draw a sphere by itself I don’t see any axes, same with a lone cylinder. When I add the TGraph2Ds using the "SAME" option then the axes appear.

How would I get rid of these?


Here is my code:

void plot3D() {
    // Open the data file
    std::ifstream infile("<SOME FILE NAME HERE>");

    if (!infile.is_open()) {
        std::cerr << "Unable to open file" << std::endl;

    // Prepare the 3D graphs
    TGraph2D *graphInside = new TGraph2D();
    TGraph2D *graphOutside = new TGraph2D();
    graphInside->SetTitle("3D Cylinder Plot (Inside Cylinder);X (mm);Y (mm);Z (mm)");
    graphOutside->SetTitle("3D Cylinder Plot (Outside Cylinder);X (mm);Y (mm);Z (mm)");

    std::string line;
    int lineNumber = 0;

    // Read the file line by line
    while (std::getline(infile, line)) {


    // Draw the graph
    TCanvas *canvas = new TCanvas("canvas", "3D Cylinder Plot", 800, 600);

    // Draw a large sphere
    TGeoSphere *mySphere = new TGeoSphere(1990, 2000., 0, 180, 0, 360);

    // Draw a cylinder of some size on the same pad
    TGeoTube *myCyl = new TGeoTube(0., 35.5, 34.);

    // Draw the points inside the cylinder
    graphInside->SetMarkerStyle(1); // Set marker style to dots
    graphInside->Draw("AIP SAME");    // Draw points on the same canvas

    // Draw the points outside the cylinder
    graphOutside->SetMarkerStyle(20);   // Set marker style to squares for outside points
    graphOutside->SetMarkerColor(kRed); // Set marker color to red for outside points
    graphOutside->SetMarkerSize(0.3);   // Increase marker size for outside points
    graphOutside->Draw("AIP SAME");       // Draw points on the same canvas


Hello @Jack_Fannon,

thank you for your question, I believe @couet will be able to help out here?


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Options FB and BB when drawing the graph should make it.

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Thanks @couet , that’s fixed it! What do FB and BB do in this context? From the docs it says:

“F” A fill area is drawn (‘CF’ draw a smoothed fill area)
“B” A Bar chart is drawn

I’m confused as to why this fixes my problem. Why does the bar chart option help? And what are the axes drawn for in the first place?

EDIT: Nevermind I have found from the THistPainter class reference (new users can’t add links) that the options are:

“FB” With LEGO or SURFACE, suppress the Front-Box.
“BB” With LEGO or SURFACE, suppress the Back-Box.

Thank you!

It is the FB and BB options from lego and surface plotting.

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