How to prevent snapping to other objects in a TPad?

I’m running v5-34-30 under Ubuntu 14.04, but I spotted this new feature a couple of months ago on an older version…
If I draw a TCanvas with some objects on it (TLegends, TPaveTexts, etc) then I’m able to drag and drop them as ever. More recently, though, the canvas has a habit of “snapping” objects to each other (either based on where the the centre points are, or on distances between other objects on the pad, etc.) - which can sometimes be very useful, but can also be a burden if I’m trying to drag something to somewhere close-to-but-not-quite-on-top-of one of these snap points.

Is there any way I can turn this ‘snapping’ behaviour off?
Thanks in advance.

There is no such “snapping” implemented in ROOT… The Guidelines were implemented (yellow lines allowing to align objects) but they do not force the position of objects … you can put them where you want.
GuideLines can be turned of in $ROOTSYS/etc/system.rootrc

On my system, at least, they most definitely do force object positions - if an object is dragged within a few pixels of one, it’s pulled to that point and stops until the mouse is pulled further away, so if two parallel guidelines are close to each other it’s impossible to put the object in between them.

But turning off that system.rootrc setting worked, thanks.

one can also use the arrow keys for precise pixel base move of the selected objet.