How to plot two 2D histograms on the same canvas?

Hello everyone,

I saw the attached 2D histogram in one report. As you can notice, there are two 2D histograms on the same canvas, one with colour code and other with red colour. I think this is a nice presentation to notice any difference.

I tried to search but couldn’t find any answer on how to create this kind of a plot. Any suggestions on how to do this would be a great help.


h1->SetMarkerColor(kBlue); h1->Draw(); // e.g., () or ("SCAT=0.5")
h2->SetMarkerColor(kRed); h2->Draw("SAME"); // e.g., ("SAME") or ("SAME SCAT=0.5")

Be careful that le default plotting option for 2D histograms is a “pseudo scatter plot”. I would not recommend it. Instead use the “box” option I pointed. Look at the “same” option used with “box”. It is much better in your case.

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