How to plot graphs at different stations

I have to plot graphs of energy deposited and clustering size of muon and pion with Box generator at 500 MeV

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_ROOT Version: 6.16/00
Platform: linuxx8664gcc
Compiler: Not Provided

Your question is a bit vague but the answers might be.

  1. Draw the first graph using option A. For instance g1->Draw("AL") and the 2nd one without g2->Draw("L") . g2 will use the axis defined by g1 so it might be clipped if the ranges are different.
  2. If you need a global range for g1 and g2 use TMultiGraph.

I’m first generating a 1000 events, then I’m supposed to get the energy deposited reading on each pad, and plot that at the two stations. (I have been able to plot the graphs for the energy deposited in pads across the entire MUCH)
This is to be done for muons and pions with a FairBox generator at 500 MeV.

So what is your problem ? do you have an example macro showing what is wrong ?

This is the macro. Now, when you run the macro, you can see the GetEnergy() plots. But this plot is for the entire MUCH. What I want is to get the same plot for 2 stations in the MUCH.

mcbm_transport_illumination.C (4.3 KB)

You are using four classes/types which are not part of the ROOT framework FairBoxGenerator, CbmTransport, CbmFieldConst and FairSystemInfo. You may ask the author of these classes/types to get help ?

Okay, I’ll drop the author an email. Thanks