How to move a total TGraph(or TPolyLine) on a Pad?

A TGraph object created with the Graph Toolbar on a Pad can be totally moved (when the mouse on the Graph become a cross), however after saved this Graph to a .root file and then Draw it again on the Pad, it can not be moved totally, only can be modified(change the position of one of the data point by mouse). Even a TPolyLine object behaves the same way. Is there a way to move it totally even after be saved to a file?

ROOT Version 5.26/00 on Windows XP

Thank you.
CN57f.root (28.4 KB)

I cannot reproduce your problem. Could you send a xx.root file containing a TGraph, or TPolyLine or both that you cannot move when reading the object from the file?


The points are very close to each other and it is not possible to pick the line itself even if the marker size is small. I am looking at this.

Thank you couet.

These TGraph and TPolyLine objectes in the attached .root file are created form TF1 objectes, so they contains many data points.

Thank you very much.

This is now fixed in the SVN trunk.
Thanks for reporting.