How to know the number of entries inside a TCutG

I have fission experiment data. From MWPCs time correlation 2D, I have drawn a Graphical cut and saved it. I want to know the number of events inside that TCut. I found that IntegralHist() can be used for this purpose. So I apply it using the syntax

fission->IntegralHist(C1C2) const;
where fission is the keyword of the TCut that I have saved and C1C2 is the MWPCs time correlation 2D.

This doesn’t help me. Am I missing something?

May be @moneta can help.

I suppose C1C2 is a TTree? Then use C1C2->GetEntries(fission). If C1C2 was generated from a TTree e.g. called tree, use tree->GetEntries(fission). You get the idea :slight_smile:

Thanks sir. This has worked. :slightly_smiling_face:

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