How to get the number of signal events from a small data sample

there is a small data sample about 100 events, with little signal events. In order to get the uplimit, I fit m_bc of this data sample by using MC shape + Argus. Is this right ? perhaps I need to use some function to describe the signal shape, like TRolke (a teacher tell me, but i don’t know whether I write it right). And I want to know what is TRolke? And perhaps there exist some funcitons with the same pronunciation as TRolke?


We cannot really help here. We can help with ROOT, and sometimes with analysis techniques - but this is so unclear as to what you need to do (something we cannot decide for you) that we cannot help. Please discuss with colleagues, your professor and your physics group to understand what you need to do.

Cheers, Axel.

As an aside, the class your professor mentioned is likely to be: