How to get the fit status using MINOS technique

Hello everyone,

I need some help to access the resulting data after fitting an histogram. I don’t have any problem accessing to the status of the fit, using:

TFitResultPtr res = hist->Fit("myfit","LS","",xmin,xmax); int FinalStatus=int(res);

Where FinalStatus will be 0 if the fit is OK, and different if I get some errors.

However, when I try to get a better error calculation, using the parameter ‘E’ (MINOS technique), I always get ‘0’ in return:

TFitResultPtr res = hist->Fit("myfit","LES","",xmin,xmax); int FinalStatus=int(res);

i.e.: In this last case, FinalStatus is always zero, no matter the actual result of the fit.

Additionally, I read somewhere that I should define a gMinuit, and use “gMinuit->fCstatu”, but this is the old version of Minuit and I want to use the new Minuit2 package. There must be an easy way to access the status of the fit in the new package… any idea?

Thank you in advance,


If Minos is successful you should get a zero status anyway. If Minos failed you should get a non zero status.
If you have an example showing this, cam you please post it, so I can investigate the problem