How to get out the Class embeded in the RooWorkspace


I have a Workspace with one/two self-defined class embeded. Is there a method to get them out and create a library? Sometimes, the classes will be complied locally and then add the the library to some PATH, but I don’t have the source files for the class. I just got the Workspace where the class is stored.

I have invited the relevant people to process your request.
In the meantime, what happens if you write to file with RooWorkspace::writeToFile and then use TFile::MakeProject?

G Ganis

Hello Ganis,

I didn’t realize this function is in the TFile class. The MakeProject() generates some codes different from the original source files for the embedded classes.

I picked up a way from my colleague like
$ root -l [the file saving the workspace]
$ ls -a
$ cd .wscode.***
In the last directory has all the classes embedded in Workspace.

This methond is effective, but it’s a bit atypical. Is there an function to get the original source files of the classes embeded in the TFile?Or MakeProject is able to achieve this?

Li Qi

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