How to get Kshort selection after Roofit?

Dear ROOT Forum,

I have successfully used roofit to fit the two kshorts in my decay channel( using the invariant mass variable to use roofit!). Now, what can I do after this?
Like, I got a peak-like region in both the Kshorts, and the width is also different for the two. How, can I do Kshort selection using mass (or any other kinematic variables like flight length etc…)?

I thought that you first do the selections when generating the ‘.root’ file and then roofit, right? is that not the case?
Kindly find the attached roofits as reference! ( I have only the signal mc file, no data!)

Any help or valuable insights on how to proceed after this would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thank You !:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Vikas_Raj,

I’m afraid that we can’t answer this question here, that really depends on the analysis you want to do :slight_smile: I’d suggest you consult your colleagues and supervisors to figure out the next steps. Then, if you need technical support for realizing these steps, you can ask here.


I got the selection but how can I test it’s efficiency and purity?
Like I have the signal MC, and did the selections, how can we get get number iof Signal events, background events etc??
with only signal mc, as a first test for the decay channel?

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