How to get algorithm from the code?

I tried 2 days to do cross compile of ROOT with Android standalone toolchain.
but Finally, I could not do it with my less knowledge… I lost my 2 days… : (

Next, I want to get algorithm only of Spectrum.
because I give up to do full compile of ROOT library with Android.
It’s impossible for me…

then, I only need 4 algorithm of some ROOT.

I want to run this algorithm on my Java, Android tablet.
Could you advice me where is core of this algorithm ?
Which function should we re-write to Java ?

I do not need Graphic drawing parts.
I want to do ONLY:

  1. With a Interger array on java
  2. Put the array into a ROOT algorithm function.
  3. Get Peak, background infomation from the function.

Can you help , advice me ?

Kazu, Japan , Thank you , everyone !
I need your help, really.

The code implementing these functionalities is in $ROOTSYS/hist/spectrum

Could someone do the job instead of me ?
i have a budget to pay for the job…

Do someobe has interest in it ?

Kazu, Japan

The original source code of these routines is C and/or C++ and is completely independent of ROOT, so maybe try to contact original authors (I’m not sure if their email addresses are still valid):

“Miroslav Morháč” and/or
"Vladislav Matoušek"

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