How to get a "SUCCESSFUL" fit in MINOS and Accurate error matrix?

Dear All

I am fitting a line shape using TMinuit, MINOS, however, the results are always “STATUS=PROBLEMS” or “STATUS=FAILURE”.

I do not know how to optimize it.

And here is the code need to help:
help2.cxx (11.9 KB)
help1.cxx (14.1 KB)
bes3plotstyle.c (12.2 KB)
bes3plotstyle.h (5.9 KB)


typically this kind of behaviours are linked to issues in the fit, for examples too many parameters, to few datapoints, too many local minima: it depends.
Perhaps you can help the procedure suggesting to the program meaningful initial values for the parameters?



Thanks for your advice! I have updated it.


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