How to exclude some region of Ticks on the axis


I have some histo, with 10 bins from 0.0 to 1.0 with a width 0.1, inside the TPad object. Each axis has ticks (the right and top as well), I set the global gStyle->SetPadTickX(1), gStyle->SetPadTickY(1). Now I want to exclude the ticks from the region 0.0 to 0.1 (or 0.0-0.25 doesn’t matter).
Do you know how to do it?


Can you post a picture showing your plot ?

Here it is. I wanted x-axis ticks for the first bin, which is 0 - 0.1, to be removed. But only this region.

That’s not easy to do in some automatic way. Of course if it is for presentation purposes on one single plot you can always to an “ad-hoc” solution by drawing a white filled box over this ares and redraw the a lines on top to continue the axis body.

If you send me the macro producing this plot I can try to modify it.

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