How to draw optimization of 2D between two variables?

Dear Expert,

I plotted the 1D distribution of photon energy and asymmetry energy ratio. Both are strongly correlated. But I want to draw the optimization of 2D distribution between both variables. I also attached the 1D distribution of photon energy (energy_gamma_both.png), asymmetry energy (asyenergy_gamma_both) and correlated distribution (2D_energy1_asy.png) below.

But I want to draw the 2D optimization of both variables the same as shown in sample.png below.

Can you please suggest how can I do this?

Any kind of suggestion and help is highly appreciated.


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Try the “SURF3” drawing option

The palette on that plot is transparent. You will need to change the value of alpha when setting the palette in order to get the same plot.

gStyle->SetPalette(kBird,0,0.7); // alpha = 0.7

ok, thanks