How to draw markers in histogram

Hi experts,
How to draw a histogram with markers like the picture below?
I added the markers using code " h1->SetMarkerStyle(21); h1->SetMarkerColor(color[k]); "
When I draw the histogram using “h1->DrawNormalized(“hist”);”, the markers didn’t show. I tried “h1->DrawNormalized(“histP”);”, the makers appeared while the histogram line didn’t show.
How can I make the style look like this picture below?

root [0] hpx->SetMarkerStyle(20)
root [1] hpx->Draw("P")


Hi Couet.
Thanks for your attention.
I know this method. I also wanna draw the histogram lines like the pictures I shown.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or just a missing feature, but you can try drawing the histo twice, first with “hist” and then with “same,hist,P”.

root [0] hpx->SetMarkerStyle(24)
root [1] hpx->Draw();
root [2] hpx->Draw("SAME P");

thanks. It works.

Thanks for your help.
I got it now. It needs to draw twice.

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