How to do gain matching from a calibrated data?

Hi All,
I have data of Eu152 source and I want to do gain matching from the calibrated data. How can I proceed further?
Any suggestions would be really helpful.

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Do you have you some preliminary ROOT code already ?

Thanks @couet
I made a macro for calibration part and I am posting it below.
eff_1.C (1.7 KB)

root [0] .x eff_1.C
Processing eff_1.C...
Error in <TFile::TFile>: file eff_6.root does not exist
Failed to open eff_6.root!
root [1] 

eff_6.root (32.6 KB)

Your macro gives me the following plot. What is wrong with it ?

Thanks @couet
Yes, this is what my macro shows. This macro does the calibration part correctly.
Now suppose if I want to proceed for gain matching how can I proceed further? What should I include in my macro for gain matching part?

I am not sure. May be @moneta has an idea.

I am also not sure what you really want. This is maybe a more analysis question specific for your problem domain than a ROOT question


Hello, Stacy
I also want to perform gain matching in a similar way. Can you help me out with this?
I have the calibrated files. The next step is to do match the gain. Thanks in advance!!!